Welcome to Fathom Magazine

Dear Reader,

We are delighted to welcome you to the inaugural issue of Fathom Magazine! Over the past year we have been working hard to create a new online platform to showcase the incredible creative community that Fathom is part of. The Magazine platform will publish issues guided by an intellectual prompt decided upon by our editorial and curatorial teams. Our first issue, Living in the Shadow of Power, urged our contributors to ponder not only on their own experiences and understandings of power, but also on the experiences and narratives that may play out on a larger scale in 2018.

We began 2018 largely shaped by the way in which power defined its predecessor: 2017. The past year witnessed the inauguration of a nation-dividing president, the outcry against the emerging slave trade in Libya, the novel ways in which technological advances shaped our understanding of privacy and lack thereof, and the outing of sexual abuse scandals in Hollywood. The list of occasions in which the use and abuse of power dominated the main headlines seems endless.

Therefore, reflecting on how power is used and/or abused has never been more critical, particularly if we seek to question, engage deeper with, and rise above the long shadow that power, in its recently illuminated forms, has cast. Are the concepts of power and equality wholly opposed? Does the rise of one necessitate the cessation or ceding away of the other? Who is excluded from the power plays, the political and social manoeuvrings?

Throughout this issue, expect to find a cacophony of reactions to the prompt. We kickoff with our Artist Spotlight section which sees us interview world-renowned artist Brian Dailey, Arts University Bournemouth Students Mise Maher and Oscar Briscall-Harvey, and Washington D.C. creative polymath Maps Glover. We then move on to our Ideas section which plays host to a selection of essays ranging from a study of Technology and Environmentalism by author Robbie Crace, to an interactive guide for young artists wanting to leverage Blockchain. As for our Headspace section, it serves as a platform for a range of artists to showcase their work, and features poetry from Francis Ukpeh, sculpture by Jen Lewin, film from JaMon Jackson, and much more. Finally, Our Concepts is a section dedicated to Fathom-led work, including our hotly anticipated When In…series.

Flip the page to enter the first section of the magazine. We hope you enjoy reading this issue!

Warm Regards from the Editorial Team,

Josh Proctor and Celeste Chen